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Got Goals?  Get Data.

FEB 12th: Your customer service needs to be… wait for it… legendary.
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Episode #5:  Got Goals? Get Data.

Episode #4:  The Software Roadmap less taken.

Episode #3:  Building a stickey, gooey product that makes users stay.

Episode #2:  Make The Onboarding Experience Awesome

Episode #1:  Introduction to SaaS Retention & Churn Rates

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Additional Resources on SaaS Retention


Yes, churn is inevitable—every customer will abandon your product eventually. But boosting your retention is more fun—and way more valuable—than acquiring more customers.

How to Calculate Churn and Retention in SaaS

High customer churn and long CAC payback periods will most definitely burn through your cash and ultimately lead to the demise of your business. 

SaaS Churn: Measure Revenue or Customer Retention?

“How do I measure the success of a SaaS business?” questions depend on so many different factors, it’s super-hard to generalize.

Essential SaaS Metrics: Revenue Retention Fundamentals

One of the key metrics we look at when deciding whether or not to provide capital to a SaaS company is retention.  It is so important, in fact, it is a standard covenant in our committed credit facilities.